I am in the vulnerable group

If you are in the vulnerable group, e.g. over 70 or with a health condition, and you have been advised to stay at home, please do so.

If you have no food at home, please call us on 07856 080194.

We are a community resource set up to help all of our local community at difficult times. We want to help all those in the Craven area.

Usually you will need a referral to access the Food Bank. Due to COVID-19 you can now access the Food Bank without a referral in the first instance.

We will ask you a few questions to ensure you get the best possible support and to see if there is any other help you can access.

If you are concerned about how you will shop for food in the next few days, please call North Yorkshire County Council on 01609 780780. They can advise you on what help is available and put you in touch with a local voluntary group who will help you.

If you are in financial difficulty and cannot afford your shopping, please call us on 07856 080194. It is also worth calling the County Council on 01609 780780 as they may be able to assist you. Please also see our Useful Information page for more agencies and other sources of help and support.

Please note that we are not coordinating any food parcels as part of the government effort.

If you have any queries about these please call 01609 780780.

Skipton Food Bank is organised by Skipton Baptist Church.

Skipton Baptist Church is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered in England & Wales, No 1181773