Prayer points

Skipton Food Bank is a faith-based organisation, set up by Skipton Baptist Church. We believe that prayer matters, and that God can change things.

Please, pray with and for us, and for the people we support at this difficult time.

We will try to keep this page updated with news as often as we can.

UPDATE 13/4/20

Happy Easter to all! As we head into another week, it has been a real blessing to be able to distribute so many Easter Eggs, donated from all sort of individuals and businesses. Please give thanks for everyone who donates to us today.

Please pray:

  • for those who have no or very little food today, that they would have enough courage to ask for help or that the Holy Spirit would bring them the help that they need.
  • for those who have lost their employment, that they would find sources of help and support.
  • for our volunteers shopping for us this week, that it would be smooth and straightforward. We really need this to work, and quickly.
  • for all our volunteer teams, that they would know God's love this week and stay well and safe.
  • for all volunteers across our area who are trying to help others, for solutions to the issues they face such as paying for shopping and gaining people's trust.

UPDATE: 2/4/20

We have been rushed off our feet this week with many new volunteers really rising to the challenge.

Please pray

  • for people who are concerned about their family members or friends, who are calling us for help
  • for our new volunteer team, that they would have all that they need to keep the service going
  • for everyone working at North Yorkshire County Council, Craven District Council and as part of the volunteer effort across Craven, that they would keep safe themselves and be able to respond effectively to everyone in crisis.
  • Please give thanks for access to two supermarkets that we can shop at!

UPDATE: 29/03/20

The Food Bank gave out 53 parcels last week, which is almost double our average weekly load. We have had to recruit almost a whole new team in the last two weeks, and many of our current team are now working from home.

Please pray:

  • for the people we have helped, who are scared, lonely, isolated, distressed and anxious, that they would know that they are not alone
  • for people who need help, that they would be brave enough to make the call to us
  • that we would have access to a new supply of food from a supermarket
  • that our new volunteers would settle in well and keep the place going (and stay well!)
  • that our current volunteers would not be too frustrated at home!

Skipton Food Bank is organised by Skipton Baptist Church.

Skipton Baptist Church is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered in England & Wales, No 1181773