Skipton Food Bank

St Andrew's Church, Skipton, BD23 2JE

Parcel requests/referrals: 07856 080194 

Please note our referral system has changed we have joined the Trussell Trust network and using an e-referral system, please contact the foodbank staff on for more information.  We just need you to get signed up with a login for the system.

If you are a professional with a login the link to get on the database and issue e-vouchers is

For everything else: 07933 149031

Normal Opening hours  are:

 Parcel collections:  Mon, Weds  & Fridays between 10-12

Closed bank holidays

Please note we are continuing as normal at St Andrews church 

If you are dropping off donations we are open 9-12 Mon, Weds and Fri (some Tuesdays but best to call us to check first)

How we work: The Food Bank supplies emergency food parcels to people who are struggling to feed themselves or their families.  We work with local support agencies who refer people to us who are in need of food support.  We ask people to be referred each time they need a parcel.  We supply food parcels to single people and families of mainly non perishable food.  We often will also add in fresh fruit and veg, eggs and cheese when it is available.  With the organisations that we work with we try and point people in the direction of other help and support so people do not rely on us for the long term.  

If you support us, Thank you for your support.

If you are struggling to buy food for yourself or your family do ask for help either by asking a support agency for a referral or by calling us, we can then explain how to get a refferral.  A list of referrers can be found on our I need help page.


Hello our stock levels are a bit lower the things we need most are

UHT milk

Tinned Custard

Tinned Potatoes

Instant coffee (small jars)

Tinned tomatoes

Tinned spaghetti


And any spare strong, clean bags 

the only things we have plenty of now are pasta and tinned soup.

Our heartfelt thanks. Together, we are able to provide much needed support to many households in Craven. 

If you are dropping off dontations directly to us we are open 9.30-12am Mon, Weds and Fri. If those times aren't convenient we may be able to facilitate a different time if you call us or you can use one of our Donation points.

If you need a parcel for yourself or you want to refer someone please call us first 07856 080194

Where you can drop off your food in your local area 


What food we currently accept at the food bank


How to support us financially and how you can help


You can also find out more about us, how it all began and what we plan to do in the future here!

Skipton Food Bank

Skipton Food Bank is organised by Skipton Baptist Church.

Skipton Baptist Church is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered in England & Wales, No 1181773