Skipton Food Bank

St Andrew's Church, Skipton, BD23 2JE

Parcel requests/referrals: 07856 080194

For everything else: 07933 149031

Normal Opening hours: For parcel collection Mon,Weds & Fri 10-12

Things we need at the Food Bank


Needs this week are:

  • UHT Milk

  • Jars of pasta sauce

  • Shampoo

  • Shower Gel

  • Porridge

  • Custard tins or packets of instant

  • Rice pudding tins

  • Microwavable Rice pouches

  • Jam/Honey/Spreads

  • Tinned Veg

  • Instant Coffee

  • Tinned Spaghetti

  • Our shelves for the following items are pretty full: pasta, soup, tinned pulses, nappies or sanitary items Thank you so much.

Please call us on the number above before coming to pick up a parcel or drop off donations. We NEED to speak to you first if at all possible.

Where you can drop off your food in your local area


What food we currently accept at the food bank


How to support us financially and how you can help


You can also find out more about us, how it all began and what we plan to do in the future here!

Skipton Food Bank

Skipton Food Bank is organised by Skipton Baptist Church.

Skipton Baptist Church is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered in England & Wales, No 1181773